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How To Apply Extermie

Follow the simple steps below and watch the videos provided. These tutorials will show you how to easily apply our product in not only an effective manner, but a safe one as well.

Getting Started w/ Extermie

Step 1 - Make sure you have all the necessary product.
Step 2 - Put on your disposable gloves.
Step 3 - Fill Your Extermie sprayer with water.
Step 4 - Add your pesticide concentrate.
Step 5 - Close Extermie sprayer and shake to mix properly.
Step 6 - Pump to pressurize the Extermie sprayer as needed.

Setting Up Your Sprayer

Step 1 - Unpack the box and locate your sprayer.
Step 2 - Assemble the hose.
Step 3 - Attach hose to sprayer and secure it.
Step 4 - Attach spray wand to handle and secure it.
Step 5 - Add water and test nozzle dispersion

Setting Up Your Pest Monitor

Step 1 - Place the current date on the pest monitor.
Step 2 - Fold the pest monitor along the dotted lines.
Step 3 - Remove protective covering.
Step 4 - Fold into a box shape.
Step 5 - Place the monitor box in a safe space.

Setting Up Your Gel Bait

Step 1 - Put on your disposable gloves.
Step 2 - Take the gel bait out of the packaging.
Step 3 - Read included instructions.
Step 4 - Place the applicator on to the end of the syringe.
Step 5 - Place the plunger on the back of the syringe.

Step 6 - Apply to proper areas.

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