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Ditch Overpriced Pest Control Companies

Sign up for your DIY Pest Control Kit and save hundreds of dollars a year. By leaving traditional, over-expensive pest control companies you cut out the middle man and rack up the savings by doing it yourself. Good news is, with Extermie we make doing it yourself as simple as it can possibly be.

You get:
- Pro-grade product delivered to your door
- Safe for kids and pets
- Simple application intructions
- Only takes 10 minutes to apply
- Re-apply when your next shipment arrives
- "Zero Bug" Guarantee

Pest control shouldn't be hard...make it easy with Extermie.

Check out our pricing below.

Our Subscription Plans

Select the plan that best fits your pest control needs.

Still have questions? Check out our homepage and "How To Videos" and get more clarity on how Extermie can help you with your DIY Pest Control needs.

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